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Destiny Netflix animated series reportedly once in development


Destiny concept art for Bungie's original game, showing its three character classes.
Image credit: Bungie

Destiny developer Bungie was once in talks with Netflix to develop an animated TV series based on its sci-fi franchise.

That's according to a new report by Forbes' Paul Tassi, who said the project never progressed further than its scripting phase.

It's believed the project dated back to a time before Bungie was owned by PlayStation maker Sony - though ambitions to turn Destiny into a transmedia franchise remain.

In 2022, at the time of Bungie's purchase for $3.6bn, Sony said it wanted to help the studio "nurture the IP they have in a multi-dimensional manner", and mentioned its ownership of Sony Pictures as a factor in that.

And in 2023, Bungie hired former Warner Bros. exec Gabriel VanHuss as Head of Linear Media for the Destiny franchise, to expand the series into "TV, films, books, comics and audio formats".

However, despite announcements of several Playstation franchises being turned into TV series and movies, there's been no further word of anything to do with Destiny just yet.

As for the Netflix project, its unclear which characters or setting the TV series would have focused on, although the Destiny universe has heaps of lore to be potentially expanded upon. A prequel show based on the Golden Age? A sequel set after the events of the Light and Dark Saga, which will draw to a close in the coming The Final Shape expansion?

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