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Destiny 2's most broken gun has now been given a bug on purpose

Fans think change hints at deeper secret.

If you've ever played Destiny, you'll know of Telesto. This exotic weapon is a fan-favourite for its exploding purple projectiles - and also notorious for often being bugged.

It's broken nature is so notorious, in fact, that Destiny developer Bungie has now added an Easter egg to the game where Telesto fails to properly fire - and instead sends its projectiles floating lazily into the sky while the weapon itself fizzes and sparks. (A simple reload clears the Easter egg, and the gun can then be used as normal.)

But while this appeared at first to be just a fun nod to Telesto's oft-bugged state, fans are now suggesting the Easter egg may hint at a further secret, as Destiny 2 heads towards the end of its current season.

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Forbes writer and Destiny fan Paul Tassi posted footage of the "bug" apparently showing the gun's projectiles forming into the shape of star constellations - though it's unclear at this point what all this is leading to.

"What happens from here, I'm not sure," he wrote. "Yes, Telesto is shooting out constellations. No, I do not really know what to do with that fact. I've gotten indication that this may continue to unfold over the coming days, so we might need to wait and see what further [game update] resets bring."

Destiny's next major story beat will arrive in February 2023 with the launch of the game's penultimate expansion, Lightfall. This will see the return of Emperor Calus, and allow players to visit Neptune.

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