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Death Rally announced for PC

Alan Wake dev's OTT racer goes full circle.

The recent smartphone reboot of classic top down racer Death Rally is coming to PC on 3rd August, developer Remedy has announced.

The game has been "entirely rebuilt" for the PC via a new rendering engine, camera and controls have been optimised, and there are a few new features too. Look out for an additional track called Savo and the return of Shadow Man from the the 1996 original.

It'll set you back your local equivalent of $9.99 from Steam. See below for screens.

"Our PC fans have been clamoring for Death Rally and it's time we finally bring it there," commented Remedy boss Matias Myllyrinne.

"It's been fantastic getting the game back to PC with the help of our development partners, Mountain Sheep and Cornfox & Bros.; Death Rally has come full circle now."

The smartphone version of Death Rally has done brisk business for the Finnish developer, with total downloads now topping the 11 million mark. And its success is deserved too.

"Death Rally might not be the best pure racer on the iPhone, but it's one of the most complete. It looks spectacular, features a rare sense of progression and controls beautifully," read our recent Death Rally review.