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Dark Souls - Great Grey Wolf Sif boss strategy

How to tackle Great Grey Wolf Sif in Dark Souls.

Great Grey Wolf Sif is a mandatory boss in Dark Souls, found as you explore Darkroot Garden, and is required before you attempt to face The Four Kings.

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Great Grey Wolf Sif boss strategy

Great Grey Wolf Sif is a main boss in Dark Souls, for this fight we recommend that you upgrade all of your weaponry, and use a Pyromancy Flame with your favourite Pyromancies to set this dog alight. Ensure you're all readied up, and head through the door and approach Artorias' Grave.

Even though Sif is a massive boss, we will not want to attack it from range, as he can rush you down quickly, even if you're wearing armour with High Poise like Havel's Set and the Stone Set. You will want to be as agile as possible, or you will definitely be taken out by Sif.

Some of Sif's attacks are easy to block, so run in with a 100% Physical Shield like the Heater Shield and try to stay underneath Sif's legs, as it's the place that you will stay safe and he can't attack you as much with his attacks. The easiest way of getting to its hind legs is to roll through Sif's double-slash attack, which will get you to the other side of the Wolf.

Sif has a few more attacks, and is swift enough to easily catch you blindsided, especially if you are at range. Sif has a charged slash with a long windup and slashes upwards, but this can be very easily blocked by your shield.

Do be warned, as this charged slash can be followed up with a sword slam, which is a lot more difficult to dodge if you've just eaten an attack from the charged slash. If you have enough stamina left, just dodge this from the side.

The side-slashes from Sif can easily be rolled through, so again ensure that you've got a fast-roll with your equipment and head through. These are again often followed up with a slam, so be sure to watch out for this pattern. These slashes can also be additionally followed up by a leap away, which slashes you along the way.

Sif has a limited moveset, but simply due to its agility, you will want to make sure that you've got enough stamina to either dodge or tank the hits - these attacks in quick succession mean that you will also have some trouble eating a full combo - if you want to create some distance to heal, watch out for its charged slash which will be able to catch you off-guard.

Additionally, make sure that if you're using ranged sorcery, that you have enough time to actually cast before it rushes you down.

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Melee is by far the best option when facing Sif, so just ensure that you're rolling with your best gear as it has a fair amount of health, even when facing it with a +10 weapon. When you've gotten Sif's health down, it will start limping, with attacks losing speed as you hit it.

Though bittersweet, this gives you more of a window of attack to take this boss down and gain access to receive the Covenant of Artorias, which allows you to safely traverse The Abyss and fight The Four Kings.


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