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Currys resorts to lottery system for PlayStation 5 stock

Console yourself.

UK retailer Currys has launched a lottery system for the release of new PlayStation 5 consoles.

It follows nationwide problems across numerous UK retailers, as demand for consoles continues to outstrip supply - and new machines are pounced upon by stock scalpers looking to turn a profit.

You can sign up now for a Currys Priority Pass via the retailer's website. You'll need to leave a name, email and address - then cross your fingers and hope for the best (thanks, VGC).

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Lucky entrants will then be picked at random and emailed details of how to make a purchase at a store near them. Winners will have 72 hours to buy a console or they will then lose their chance.

The scheme's launch comes around a month ahead of 12th April, the earliest date currently set out by the UK government for non-essential retailers to reopen.

Stock shortages and price scalping has been a persistant problem for both Sony and Microsoft since the launch of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X last year. We're also tracking the latest PS5 stock updates at other retailers.

Online, scalping groups have used subscriber groups and bots to shortcut queues and even purchase consoles before they have been made publicly available.

On the high street, trade-in chain CEX has made headlines for offering hugely inflated sums for the new consoles - leading to criticism it is helping fuel scarcity in exchange for profit.

The UK government has taken notice of the issue - though nothing seems likely to change in the short-term.