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Cube pad drove us to Wii - Miyamoto

Oh grow up.

Nintendo superhero Shigeru Miyamoto says that the Wiimote was originally a response to how utterly rubbish he thought the GameCube controller was.

Speaking to Famitsu in an article quoted and summarised by 1UP, Miyamoto said of the Cube controller: "We made it as a culmination of everything leading up to it, but it really underwhelmed. 'This line of thinking doesn't give us anything else to shoot for, does it?' That's how I felt."

The moment of realisation came when Nintendo became conscious that it was designing games around the standardised controller, he said, and that "the market was disappearing".

Not a problem the company seems to have these days, with Wii as the market-leading home console and DS having sold more than 60 million units. A quick glance down the UK All-Formats Top 40 reveals Nintendo games in ten positions and Wii or DS exclusives in a further seven.

Read the rest for more, including Miyamoto informing the interviewer with a laugh that he's making all the Mario and Zelda games.

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