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Crytek shows off VR mountaineering game The Climb

Peaked your interest?

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Crytek is creating a mountaineering title named The Climb - and you can watch its first trailer below.

Back at E3 2015 in June I played an early tech demo for the game, which at that point also featured dinosaurs.

The demo's sense of scale, especially the heights which you climb, was impressive. You moved one hand at a time to select points on the rockface where you could hold on, then pull yourself upwards.

Several times my ascent was interrupted by passing pterosaurs, but there's none of this in the new version of The Climb.

Crytek's climbing game is now set in the modern day, among more normal but no less beautiful surroundings.

And if you want VR dinosaurs, Crytek is now working on a wholly separate game starring them. Titled Robinson: The Journey, it will be published by Sony for launch on PlayStation VR.

PC Gamer has the first footage of The Climb below:

Watch on YouTube

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