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Crytek requests removal of Crysis Remastered photo mode mod hosted on Patreon

"The software is monetised."

Crytek has requested the removal of a Crysis Remastered photo mode mod that was hosted by its developer behind a Patreon paywall.

Numerous modding projects for Crysis Remastered exist without issue, but Crytek has said it stepped in here due to the project being monetised.

Frans Bouma, creator of the mod, last night protested on Twitter that he had received a takedown notice from Crytek PR manager Adam Grinsell.

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This note, screenshotted below, includes a formal request to remove the mod from Bouma's Patreon page, with seven days to comply before it is passed to the company's legal department.

It also states Crytek's stance on modding from a strict legal point of view - that its EULA does not allow it (even if, like many developers, this has been left unenforced unless specific issues arose).

"I've made custom photo mode mods for more games than anyone else on this planet," Bouma complained. "I always heard enthusiastic responses from game publishers and devs because they love the free advertising.

"But Crytek being Crytek, they can't help themselves and have to shoot themselves in their own feet. If I have to pull my Crytek 2/3 remastered photo mode mods, which just add a photo mode to these games, I will but I'll never create a custom photo mode for any Crytek game ever again."

A follow-up email from Crytek made it clear that "the main issue is that the software is monetised, therefore we request you remove the paywall".

Bouma later posted on Patreon that he had taken down the photo mode mods as requested.

"I'm completely baffled why they made this move, as the photo mode mods contain only my own code and nothing else," he continued. "I don't have the time nor the energy to fight them over this, plus having the tools up would only benefit them as people would post shots of their game on social media and other sites, I've decided to pull the tools and not make them public again."

Bouma's Patreon page offers a range of subscription levels, from €5/month for access to older mods, to €10/month for "photo-mode mods that are new and are still in 'early access'", up to a €50/month tier for access to further mod updates.

Other publishers have a stricter view on modding - such as Take-Two's recent spree of legal threats to those modding - and even reverse-engineering - GTA.