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Cristiano Ronaldo is now a cyberpunk character in a mobile battle royale

Because 2020.

Cristiano Ronaldo is now a cyberpunk character in a mobile battle royale.

The Juventus forward - considered one of the greatest players the world has ever seen - plays a character called Chrono in a mobile battle royale game called Free Fire.

Here's how he looks in the game:

"Cristiano Ronaldo comes to live in Free Fire as Chrono, set in a futuristic slum universe," reads the official blurb.

You won't just get to play as Ronaldo - there's a whole in-game universe being built around him. It's all called Operation Chrono.

Here's Ronaldo's press release quote:

"It's a great feeling having not only a character in Free Fire modelled after me, but also having the whole universe within the game changing along with it.

"The Garena team has worked into the game tons of new features and elements for Operation Chrono. I hope Free Fire players all over the world are just as excited as I am!"

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Garena, by the way, is the developer of Free Fire. It's based on Southeast Asia, with a presence in Taiwan and Latin America, and is apparently massive there. The Ronaldo deal is a move to expand the game globally.

This isn't the first time Ronaldo's dipped his toe into the world of video games. Apart from starring on the cover of the likes of FIFA, in 2015 the goal machine got his own video game called Ronaldo & Hugo: Superstar Skaters - a mobile endless runner.

As for cyberpunk Ronaldo, well... perhaps that's how the 35-year-old will look in a few years as Juventus try desperately to keep him playing.

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