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Creatures series added to GOG

AI life what I see here.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The Creatures series has been added to For $9.99 you'll get Creatures: The Albian Years (Creatures 1 & 2), Creatures Exodus (Creatures 3 & Docking Station) and Creatures Village (Creatures Adventures & Creatures Playground)

Creatures is a game that used clever programming to simulate life and allow players to breed animals with unpredictable results, which itself resulted in a strong online following and lots of sequels. You could think of it as a precursor to Spore.

But the only review on Eurogamer is for Creatures 3, and it's not exactly a recommendation at 2/10. has also added golden oldie Beyond Divinity as it said it would when announcing the release of Divine Divinity a couple of weeks ago.

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