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Crazy PS3-exclusive JRPG The Witch and the Hundred Knights coming to Europe in spring 2014

But out in Japan in July, if you fancy importing.

Update: NIS has been in touch to say that that spring 2014 date applies to the US as well.

Original story: Beautiful and bonkers Japanese PS3 action-action-action-RPG The Witch and the Hundred Knights won't be out in Europe until spring 2014, Nippon Ichi Software told me this afternoon.

It's out in Japan in July, and rather lovely it looks too, judging by this new trailer. (It also looks like a lot of the game's text - not the writing overlaid on the video - is in English already, which could make importing for the region-free PS3 a possibility.)

Watch on YouTube

It's being made by Disgaea house Nippion Ichi Software and was announced in March 2012 as a game coming West in 2013, alongside two other PS3-exclusive JRPGs: MugenSouls and Legasista - both PSN games. Obviously Witch slipped a bit.

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