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Crackdown in February

Demo in January.

Get rid of the dirt on the streets using your own brand of Flash-cleaner, as Microsoft announces a 23rd February release date for crime-battling title Crackdown.

Xbox Live will also play host to a single-player and online cooperative demo of the game, downloadable on 18th January.

From Real Time Worlds, Crackdown elbows you onto the harsh streets of Pacific City. Three powerful gangs have assumed control of the once-great metropolis, and the police are powerless to stop them. This is where you, a genetically modified agent of justice (of course), step in to provide the citizens with a sense of hope.

"Gamers will arm themselves with high-tech weapons, transformable vehicles and incredible, gravity-defying super-skills in preparation to take back Pacific City. Crackdown pushes the action-driving hybrid genre into the next generation with the first ever truly 3-D playground," said someone. Festively.

Head over to the game's website for more information.