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Crackdown DLC screenshot

New vehicle, new gametype.

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Realtime Worlds has been teasing us about Crackdown downloadable content for a couple of months now, but this week community liaison "Agent G" offered us a genuine glimpse of it - courtesy of a screen-capture posted on the official forums.

So that'd be what that is just over there, in case you're wondering.

As you can see, there are four buggies on-screen. Buggies we haven't seen before. And Agent G suggests that this new vehicle will be part of a new gametype, too.

The fact there are four buggies ties in quite neatly with what producer Phil Wilson told you a month ago in our Crackdown community Q&A: "One of the new (and in my humble opinion great fun) downloadable content game modes came from looking at a co-op video posted online, and credit will eventually be given to those folks that had the original idea." Could be, couldn't it?

Crackdown DLC.

The other thing we might be able to expect from downloadable content is more gamerpoints, with 100 still to be accounted for.

Indeed, Microsoft's rules for gamerpoints insist that each boxed game offer 1000 without levying an additional charge, so there's the definite possibility of free content, whether or not this is actually it.

Wilson dropped other hints about downloadable content too, so why not read the full interview while you warm up your Xbox 360 and dust down your Agent?

Oh, and Agent G says we can expect it "soon".

For more on Crackdown, be sure to read our very loving 9/10 Crackdown Xbox 360 review. Skills equals kills, Agent.

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