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Crackdown DLC detailed

Heaps of new stuff.

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Realtime Worlds has detailed the contents of its upcoming downloadable content for Crackdown.

There will be a host of tweaks and fixes, as well as two content packs: one for free, and one for a price. We're waiting to hear from Microsoft on just how much it will be and when we can expect the add-ons, although reports suggest it might be as early as this week.

The "Free-for-All" update will give you the Keys to the City. This is a cheat mode that lets you play in a replica world that's fully exploitable. You can spawn vehicles, set skills, get infinite ammo, enjoy super strength - all from an easy-access menu.

You'll also notice that your Agency garage has been overhauled. It now lets you impound vehicles that you find around the map, and gives you a big list of those that you're missing - in case you're one of those types that has to collect them all. Not only that, but you'll be able to choose them in your favourite colour, and store your new Peacekeeper vehicle there.

And for those of you who like achieving things there's the new Co-op Trophy sequences. These will whack your gamertag on a trophy that will be displayed every time you beat a game type. Records will also now be kept in Psychotic difficulty time-trials, giving you the extra incentive to unlock the "Psych Out" achievement.

"Getting Busy" content takes it one further. It gives you new three new vehicles: the acrobatic Agency Patrol Buggy, the ridiculously fast Agency Pursuit Vehicle, and the tank-like Agency Armoured Vehicle.

And if driving is your thing, then you'll enjoy the new Street Races. Here, six different courses with a combination of six different vehicles await your Crackdown-style manoeuvrings. Either best time-trials or race against up-to 11 other players on Xbox Live.

There's also a super-charged bucket load of new equipment to enjoy. There's the rocket-launching MSK Lobber; the EX1 Proximity Charge - similar to the famed Limpets; the rather incredible HSX "Harpoon" gun; the devastating MZ360 Mini-Gun; and the VS1 Cloaking Device for sneaky types.

And, as if that's not enough, there's four new game-types to keep you busy. You can challenge a friend to a Max-Agility Rooftop Race on one of four set-courses, or simply try to post the best leaderboard score. Or perhaps you'd like to battle it out to see who can stockpile all the game-specific orbs in each district's special location (working together for a faster time if you value your relationships).

Checkpoint Chase, on the other hand, has limited rules. You start in the Agency Garage and race to a randomly set checkpoint. First to reach it spawns another checkpoint. Whoever gets to 10 before the other person wins.

But, if it's cat and mouse you're after, then Rocket Tag is probably your thing. The gang boss lairs are where you'll start this game, with one of you assigned to hunter, and the other being the hunted. All you have to do is use a straight-shooting rocket launcher to blast your friend into pieces. The prey only has a pistol to fend off attacks and has to survive for 60 seconds. We know which we'd rather be.

There's seven new achievements in total, some specific to one content pack. In some cases you can still earn the achievements if your friend has the paid-for pack and you the free one, giving you access to game types when you play together online. It's a nice "try before you buy" mechanic.

On top of all this are some basic updates to the game:

You can now reset the gangs if you've beaten all the 21 bosses, giving you something to do, and hunting those last Orbs will now be a bit easier as the audio "ping" range has been slightly increased.

Four-star strength agents can now dive from the sky in a devastating Ground Strike ability, and you can now fire downwards at a greater angle when peering over lower walls.

Targeting has been tidied up to lock on to enemies better, but PvP lock-on has been dropped - although you can still hit another agent with a leg- or head-shot using normal targeting.

Those indestructible fire hydrants will now be smashed more easily, stunt rings are more visible, and the camera angle has been tweaked.

Those of you placing mines will be pleased to hear they now persist out of player range, and explosions from miles away can be seen providing you have line of sight.

The "Lefty Flip" has also been removed from vehicle control, and Ramp Trucks will now work with more vehicles.


Crackdown is a free-roaming third-person action game from Realtime Worlds. It's fantastic, to be blunt, and you can see why in our Crackdown review.

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