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Could Alvo be VR's answer to Call of Duty?

Find out in today's live episode of VR Corner!

Alvo means 'target' in Portuguese but when it comes to hitting its release dates, this multiplayer VR shooter has been consistently wide of the mark.

Originally announced in 2017, Alvo was cancelled in 2018 after the developer Mardonpol "lost funding from our investor". Thankfully the project was resurrected later the following year and this week, Alvo has finally launched on PSVR.

So, for today's episode of Ian's VR Corner, I'll be putting this much anticipated game through its paces in a special 3 hour live stream which you can watch on the link below, starting at 2pm BST.

Cover image for YouTube videoLet's Play Alvo PSVR PS5 Gameplay - COULD THIS BE VR'S CALL OF DUTY?

Alvo is due to release on PC VR platforms and Quest sometime later this year, but for today's stream I'll be playing on PSVR via the PS5. I'll also be using the Aim peripheral to control my character, although Alvo does support Move and DualShock control schemes too.

Having only played a couple of matches so far, I do have to say that the Call of Duty multiplayer vibes are strong with this one. So, expect lots of running, gunning and instantly dying to aggravating sniper campers as I try out all the available game modes in this bumper stream.

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