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"Copious" APB to-do list being addressed

RTW: We were preoccupied with launch.

Bravely, Realtime Worlds has called for you to submit a "hit list" of APB features you think need urgent attention. Because now, finally, the developer can do something about them.

"Over the last number of months, through the closed beta and KTTC, we've collected a huge number of issues, complaints, suggestions and requests covering all aspects of the game," wrote Realtime's Neil Castle on the APB website.

"Because of the focus of getting the game stable and going through the process of launch, many of these (especially the ones requiring significant changes) may appear to have fallen through the cracks.

"But they didn't," he added, "they've been sitting in our rather copious 'to do' list, waiting for us to have the time to begin to address them properly.

Castle said Realtime's goal is to "grow APB into the game that its players want it to be", which is why your comments, polls and ideas matter.

"This is your chance to help us prioritise our development efforts to tackle the issues that most concern you," he stressed, "or add the features that you most want."

Some of the issues Castle and team are already looking at are cheaters, vehicle handling, combat, matchmaking, camping, missions and a 'newbie' ruleset.

Realtime Worlds' crime MMO APB was released earlier this month. Surprisingly, from a studio made by the creator of GTA and responsible for Crackdown, the game fell short, with APB eventually earning 6/10 on Eurogamer.

Game creator Dave Jones said there were "a lot misconceptions" about what the game would be and "huge expectations" on APB being, in essence, Grand Theft Auto Online. He had plenty more to tell Eurogamer, too.

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