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Contra 4 for DS confirmed

Now with grappling hook.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Contra 4 has been confirmed for release on Nintendo DS later this year in the USA.

The return of the side-scrolling shooter will bring with its more expansive levels that take advantage of the DS' dual screens, new gameplay mechanics and Wi-Fi multiplayer.

Following on two years after the events of Contra III (which you can play on Wii's US Virtual Console if you have that facility), it sees new mercenary pals Mad Dog and Scorpion join up with the original cast to tackle a new alien threat called Black Viper.

More descriptively it introduces a grappling hook to the usual side-to-side shoot-'em-up gameplay, which proves handy for avoiding obstacles and getting above your enemies. Height is an advantage, kids.

Those of you who continued past that "kids" bit will be pleased to hear that there's two-player Wi-Fi co-operative play to boot, which ought to, you know, allow two people to co-operate. Logically.

Publisher Konami says WayForward Technologies is handling development, and we should see it in the US at least late on in 2007.

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