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Concursion combines fives retro genres in an all new way

Reality is broken.

Genre hybrid Concursion has a premise so clever, so simple, that's it's a wonder it's not been done before. The indie title takes place across a multiverse where rips in reality cause you to toggle between different game genres and worlds based on where you're positioned. One moment you're playing a 2D sci-fi platformer, but jump into a section of the screen dominated by a fantasy RPG and that becomes your reality for a few centimeters before you pop out into a shmup-based universe.

Simply put, it looks something like this:

Cover image for YouTube videoConcursion Gameplay Trailer #1

When asked if you'll be able to switch between genres on a whim developer Puuba's founder Danny Garfield explained to me in an e-mail that its genre switching is primarily geography-based, but "as the game goes on, bubbles will move and route around the screen, react to the player and chase or avoid you, be generated and thrown out by enemies, and appear and disappear based on various conditions." Sounds wild!

He also noted that the game will be a relatively linear affair, rather than an open-world Metroidvania. "It's more linear than the likes of Castlevania, but each level is designed standalone with unique challenges and ideas," Garfield said.

Amusingly, Concursion is being scored by Emmy-nominated composer Christopher Hoag, i.e. the dude who did the music for House M.D.

Concursion is due out later this year on PC and Mac.