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COD Elite beta shutting down tonight

Beta activity carries over.

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The Call of Duty Elite beta shuts down at 8pm tonight as Activision prepares to launch Modern Warfare 3.

The Connect, Compete and Improve sections will remain closed, but access to the Career page will soon open to all.

When it does, Call of Duty gamers will have access to Black Ops stats.

Meanwhile, Activision said all beta activity carries over when Elite launches on 8th November alongside Modern Warfare 3.

"Beachhead Studio would like to thank everyone for their feedback and participation in the beta, as it's helping to make Call of Duty Elite an even better service," Activision said today.

Elite offers premium and non-premium content to Call of Duty players.

You can access it for free or pay £34.99 for the paid-for portion of the franchise's new stat-tracking community service.

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