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Clover vets helping on Resi 5 and Inafune Wii title

Says Capcom man.

Members of Clover Studio's 80-strong Osaka development core, most of whom remain at Capcom, are working on a Nintendo Wii title fronted by Keiji Inafune, while others have moved onto Resident Evil 5.

"Some of the team that worked on Clover titles are now helping [Jun] Takeuchi-san on Resident Evil 5, [and] helping Inafune-san on a new title for the Wii," vice president of marketing Charles Bellfield told Gamasutra this week, in terms relatively close to what I put in the first paragraph but not close enough to make me bother redoing it.

He also insisted that the perception of Clover's demise and the reality were two very different things.

"What actually happened is [Shinji] Mikami-san, [Hideki] Kamiya-san and [Atsushi] Inaba-san chose to leave the company and do something else and the rest of the Clover team was just incorporated back into the rest of Capcom's development talent pool," he explained.

Perhaps without even moving desks - as Bellfield notes that while Clover was fenced off from the usual cross-pollination of development teams, it still occupied one of the sixteen floors in Capcom's Osaka headquarters.

Since Clover's demise, Mikami, Inaba and Kamiya have set up a studio called Seeds, which they recently announced they were staffing up.

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