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Civilization Revolution 2 Plus hits PS Vita this December

Goes big on Japan.

Civilization Revolution 2 Plus comes out on PS Vita on 3rd December, 2K has announced.

The turn-based strategy game is based upon Civilization Revolution 2, which launched on iOS and Android platforms in 2014.

The game features an interface designed for touchscreens and consoles, and includes a number of scenarios, units and world leaders from Japan's history.

2K went into detail on a couple of the scenarios on the PlayStation Blog.

The Japanese leaders are:

  • Oda Nobunaga: Focused on medieval era/samurai bonus
  • Heihachiro Togo: Naval combat related bonuses
  • Himiko: More diplomatic related, governmental related bonuses

One of the new units is the Yamato battleship, used by the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War 2.