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City of Heroes Issue 9 released

Invention System goes live.

Issue 9: Breakthrough is now available to download for City of Heroes and City of Villains.

The biggest new feature is the Invention System. This lets you salvage usable ingredients and recipes from downed foes, either to create into powerful items yourself or sell on the new consignment markets.

You'll be able to piece together unique sets of equipment to permanently boost the abilities you chose to enhance. Plus there's 10 new sets of wings to mould onto your back: Angel, Demon, Dragon, Burned, Bone, Bat, Cherub, Insect, Tech and Fairy.

There's also major new rewards on offer in some swanky new high-level missions, which will see you battle off Lord Recluse's evil forces from Paragon City. And those of you at the top level will be pleased to hear that the end-game raid challenge, the Hamidon Encounter, can now be undertaken by villains and has been revamped for returning heroes.

"The new systems added to Issue 9 should give players a lot to do outside of combat," said Matt Miller, lead designer for the game. "Now players can be craftsmen along with being heroes or villains, and earn a living by custom building items and taking them to the consignment market for sale. This is a big component to making the 'City of' world a deeper and richer experience."

City of Heroes is an MMORPG that lets you create and play as a superhero. This is the ninth big update for the game that launched back in 2005, which has amassed a sturdy fan base.

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