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Chat, guns and both on VC

Ooh, Light Crusader.

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This week's Virtual Console line-up is all lined up and ready to be downloaded once you've forked over the requisite readies. Everything costs 800 Wii Points today, which is easy to remember, and of course starting today you can turn your old Nintendo website Stars into Wii Points. Cor.

Topping the bill is Light Crusader for the Megadrive, which is another of Treasure's old 16-bit games and therefore well worth a look. Interestingly this one is actually an isometric RPG of sorts, complete with wandering around talking to people. Hand-holding is not the order of the day, but on the Megadrive page it will be holding hands with the adjacent Rolling Thunder 2, which is a side-scroller with guns and jumping. They certainly look fruity.

Finally there's a few side-scrolling blasts from the past (1992 in fact) in the form of Konami's Cybernator, which was the PAL version of Assault Suits Valken. Celebrated in its time (well, I liked it anyway), it also has some excellent character names like Jake Brain and Claire Coral. What you call hell, they call home. And they aren't in the jungle - they are the jungle. Etc. Look for a critical stacking-up of the above tomorrow morning in our weekly Virtual Console Roundup.

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