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Swap Stars for Wii Points now!

Finally. Website relaunches.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Nintendo has relaunched its website, introducing new features like the long-awaited ability to swap your old loyalty programme Stars for Wii Points that you can spend on the Virtual Console.

If it seems like we've been waiting a while for that, it's because we have. But now, by joining Club Nintendo (i.e. using your previous Nintendo website login), you can buy Wii Points at the rate of four Stars for every one Wii Point.

You can then link up your Wii to your Club Nintendo account. Full instructions on doing that are on the website.

Still, that page will probably be caned to death shortly, so here's a quick regurgitation: go to the Wii Shop Channel, select Start Shopping, select Settings, click on the Club Nintendo logo using your Wiimote A button, enter your Club Nintendo email address and password as per the website, select Link and then select OK. Ta-da!

The new website also has a better search engine, a more comprehensive Support section, and a bit to help Parents get their heads round age ratings.

So, four Stars for one Point. What do we reckon to that, Eurogamers?

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