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Charlie Brooker has a role in Sniper Elite 3

And you'll be able to shoot him.

TV comedian and gamer Charlie Brooker will appear in Sniper Elite 3 as an character you can shoot in the head.

Brooker has previously written of his admiration for the British-developed Sniper Elite series, and so was invited along to Oxford-based developer Rebellion to perform motion-capture and voice recording.

Exactly what role his character will play in the gory World War 2 shooter is being kept under-wraps.

Sniper Elite 3 is due to launch on 27th June for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 and includes a special pre-order mission where you can kill Hitler. Lovely.

"It's a little like a discount Splinter Cell in period garb, but Sniper Elite has always possessed a fair sense of its own place in the world, as well as a handful of its own ideas," Eurogamer's Martin Robinson wrote in our recent Sniper Elite 3 preview. "[It's] unspectacular and shamelessly entertaining."

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