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Carrier Command: Gaea Mission UK release date confirmed

Mastertronic picks up action strategy game from ArmA dev.

Carrier Command: Gaea Mission, the next game from ArmA developer Bohemia Interactive, launches in the UK on 28th September 2012, publisher Mastertronic has announced.

That's for PC and Xbox 360.

Gaea Mission, the sequel, of sorts, to the 1988 original, is an action strategy game in which you control a carrier boat that carries up to eight vehicles: VTOL-capable (vertical take-off and landing) aircraft, Mantas and amphibious all-terrain tank vehicle things, Walruses.

You can park the boat by islands and try to take them by force. You can order units to go and do battle for you, or you can assume direct (remote) control of them. You can hop between units on the fly, leaving the AI in control when you're not present. You can quickly flit back to carrier control, too, and queue remakes of destroyed units in seconds.

"Bohemia Interactive are one of the hottest developers in the business at the moment, and we're thrilled to be working with them," said Mastertronic chief Andy Payne.

"Fans of the original will be pleased to know Carrier Command: Gaea Mission retains everything that made it such an inspiration back in 1988. Newcomers to the game will be blown away."