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Captain Spirit guide: Phone pin code, plus map, costume and key locations explained

How to complete every Captain Spirit mission, including the mysterious pin code.

Captain Spirit is a free prequel episode to Life is Strange 2, teasing characters and storylines in a new series starting later in 2018.

This game - fully titled The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit - has you explore an optional series of 'missions' around a house, with a child's imagination filling in some of the blanks.

In Life is Strange fashion, there's a few puzzles along the way, from looking at the right places for keys and a costume, through to uncovering a phone pin code. This Captain Spirit guide will explain how to complete them all.

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Captain Spirit guide: How this chapter works

Once you have finished breakfast after your dad calls you, you are free to explore the house and garden to complete a series of missions. Many require multiple steps to complete, so expect to be going in and out of the house until they're all done.

Here's how to get every mission complete.

Additionally, there are some key codes and instructions to follow. Though we went ahead and got their 'clues' first, it's very likely you can go ahead and enter their solutions without doing so. However, following them step-by-step is probably recommended to hear all the dialogue and see everything the episode has to offer.

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Map, costume, treasure and key locations in Captain Spirit

Captain Spirit's costume

This one has you find items from around the house. You start by getting the Cape from the wardrobe in the bedroom.

Enter dad's bedroom and inspect the sports bag in the bottom of the wardrobe.

Use the makeup at the top of the shelves in the bathroom.

Get the Garage Key next to the backdoor in the kitchen. It's hanging high on the wall, and easy to miss. Head to the Garage and use the spray paint on the shelves to the right.

Captain Spirit's treasure

First, locate the map on the wall in the bedroom. This is what you need to help you find the treasure.

Head outside and climb the tree house in the back corner of the yard. There is a Secret Stash there, and a Decoder. Take it.

Head back to the bedroom and use the decoder with the map on the wall by holding the left trigger. You then need to rotate the map until it lines up with the circles, like so:

This gives you instructions for 'The Maze of Doom' - this is the Junkpile in the yard, to the left of the front door. As instructed by the map, you need to go Left, Right, Left, Left. You'll then emerge out of the maze, and complete the mission.

Snowmancer, target skill practice, super hero team solutions in Captain Spirit

Snowmancer and the fire crackers

Head outside and go round the back of the house. In the backyard is Snowmancer - the snowman. Rebuild him first.

Next, you need to find a four digital code. The only four digital number you'll find is on the shelves to the right of where your dad is sleeping. The Trophies and photos have the year 2005, which is what we're looking for.

Get the Garage Key next to the backdoor in the kitchen. It's hanging high on the wall, and easy to miss. Now head to the Garage - it's to the right of the car.

Approach the locker on the right. Enter the combination you found earlier - 2005 - then pick up the fire crackers from the top shelf.

Now go back to the snowman and blow it up with the firecracker.

Practising your target skills

In the kitchen, gather all the beer cans into the recycling.

Approach the recycling box and select the option to take outside.

Once outside, you can interact with the box to set up a firing range. Throw the snowballs as instructed until all the cans are down. Though the challenge is completed, you can build another range if you fancy throwing more!

Superhero and super villian teams

This has you investigate a series of toy figures, fleshing out the roster of superheroes and villains on a piece of paper.

Power Bear and Noctarious are on the bedroom floor, next to the weapons box and the desk.

Forest Warrior is on the bedside cabinet.

The Shark-Stinger is on the bedroom floor.

The Dinosaur Toy on the floor of the living room.

Sky Pirate is in the tree house in the back yard.


Captain Spirit phone pin code, Water Eater and Mantroid solutions

Pin code solution

The chapter that has most players stumped is the phone pin code solution, allowing you to unlock your dad's phone and play the Mustard Party 2 mini-game.

First, you want to locate the phone. It's on a table in the corner of the kitchen, next to the laptop.

Pick it up and you'll be asked for an eight digit number. The code you are looking for is 42983294. This is 'Hawt Dawg' written out - the hero of the mini-game in question.

Water Eater

This one is arguably the easiest of the bunch. In the corner of the kitchen is a dark room. Flick on the light switch on the left side to proceed, then go ahead to the door opposite. Tame the monster inside by holding the left trigger when you're close enough.

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First, you need to get a complete outfit, which is the very first mission on this list. Once done, make sure you have the Car Keys. These are found in the living room, on the far side of the sofa on the ground.

Head outside, and approach the parked car. Hold the left trigger for the cutscene. You won't be able to enter unless you have the costume, so make sure you do that first.

There's a few other secrets to see if you want to keep exploring, but when you are ready, rouse your dad out of his slumber in the living room to finish the chapter. Now the wait for Life is Strange 2 begins!

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