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Capcom releases Street Fighter 5 netcode "adjustment"

Mod timing.

Capcom has released a netcode "adjustment" for Street Fighter 5.

Street Fighter chief Yoshinori Ono took to Twitter to say this adjustment is available for all players, and called on fans to send feedback Capcom's way.

Street Fighter 5's netcode has been a point of controversy for some time, but it recently hit the headlines after a modder issed a self-made fix.

In January, Redditor Altimor, who had created hitbox viewers for Guilty Gear Xrd and Dragon Ball FighterZ in the past, took just two days to address a bug that had plagued Street Fighter 5 online play since the game launched back in 2016. This bug could cause one players' game to lag behind the other's during online play. This sparked one-sided "rollback" for one player, while the unaffected player remained oblivious.

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Last night, Capcom brought Street Fighter 5 offline for maintenance, and when it came back online some players reported Altimor's mod no longer worked with the game. Ono then took to Twitter to clarify Capcom had issued some sort of online play tweak, although it has yet to detail the changes.

Players are testing the game now to try to get a sense of whether or not online play has improved. Early reports seem cautiously optimistic.

People are also digging into the update to try to work out what's changed, and early attempts suggest Capcom was at least in part inspired by Altimor's work. It's worth noting Altimor has said it's unlikely Capcom intentionally broke their mod.

Capcom recently released Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition, which gave every character a second V-Skill and added Seth to the roster of playable characters. That will have sparked an influx of new players to the four-year-old fighting game, so this new netcode adjustment is welcome.

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