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Capcom cancels Mega Man Universe

For "various reasons".

Capcom has axed Mega Man Universe.

Mega Man Universe was due for release in Japan as a downloadable PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game this spring.

Capcom announced the news today on the game's website, reported by Siliconera, citing "various reasons". Glad that's cleared up.

Mega Man Universe was to focus on user generated content, with players building levels and characters.

It would have allowed gamers to play as other Capcom heroes such as Arthur from Ghost 'N' Goblins and Ryu from Street Fighter.

The interesting title was the brain child of series creator Keiji Inafune - now of course no longer with Capcom.

Last year he said the game aimed to "unite all Mega Man fans together in one place".

"We wanted to preserve as much as we can of the classic 8-bit Mega Man look and feel, while allowing players to project their own view of Mega Man," he said.

"We wanted to create a platform where players can play as their favourite version of Mega Man, or maybe another Capcom character, or something completely different.

"Mega Man Universe is going to be a great game," Inafune added.

Following Inafune's exit from Capcom in October last year, however, the game may have lost support from within the Japanese company.

Before leaving Capcom, Inafune teasingly quipped that Mega Man Universe wasn't all the Mega Man Capcom had planned.

"There are other things going on with Mega Man. This is a big year for me. You haven't heard the last of Mega Man announcements for the future," he said.