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Capcom announces Mega Man 11 and re-releases for all eight Mega Man X games

Plus both Legacy Collections on the way to Switch.

In a frenzy of Mega Man-themed merriment, Capcom has unveiled a brand-new mainline series entry for the Blue Bomber in the form of Mega Man 11, re-releases for all Mega Man X games, and the long-awaited release of both Mega Man Legacy Collections on Switch.

All three announcements were made as part of Mega Man's 30th anniversary year, which begins this month and runs throughout 2018.

Capcom revealed Mega Man 11 - the first mainline series entry since 2010 - in a fun little video that walked the iconic character through 30 years of Mega Manning. That, it turns out, is whole lot of Mega Man when you factor in every core series entry, plus the X, Zero, ZX, Legends, Battle Network, and Star Force games.

Cover image for YouTube videoMega Man 11 - 30th Anniversary Trailer

Capcom's big blue blast of nostalgia concluded with the first look at Mega Man 11 - which, based on its debut showing at least, sticks to the series' traditional side-scrolling, action-platforming roots, albeit with a major visual overhaul.

Mega Man 11 ditches the classic retro sprites of previous games for a blend of hand-painted backgrounds and 3D character models. It's a style that's likely to be divisive among fans, but you can form your own opinions by watching the announcement trailer above. Mega Man 11 is due to launch on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Switch late 2018.

These same formats will also play host to all eight Mega Man X titles starting next summer, although Capcom hasn't yet clarified whether the games will be released individually or as part of a compilation along the lines of the two Mega Man Legacy Collections.

Well this is certainly a little bit different.

Capcom's first Mega Man Legacy Collection contains main series entries 1-6, and its follow-up includes Mega Man 7-10. So far, both have released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, and they're finally heading to Switch (with amiibo support) early next year.

Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 on Switch will include a new 'rewind' function that lets players quickly undo their Mega Man mishaps - a welcome addition to the notoriously challenging series, especially for those of a less masochistic disposition. The rewind feature will also be made available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC in a free update.