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Call of Duty: World at War Multiplayer Tips

Bonus feature: strategies for battlegrounds.

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The world is most definitely at war. It may not be top of the Xbox Live charts, but Call of Duty is king of the All-Formats Top 40, and with double experience points this week for LCE owners, now seems a good time to relate what we've picked up from the last few weeks running around the internet shooting people in the dogs. Thankfully, Eurogamer's recent intern Matt Edwards happened to write some of it down. Quite a lot, actually. Here's what he reckons.

Small Maps:


Courtyard is a small and mostly open map, which makes it a good choice for Free-for-all matches. The two central fountains sandwich Domination point B and there is a short underground trench below Domination point C - but beware when taking it, as you may be surprised. There are some good sniping points up at Domination C but don't expect to stay hidden long (unless you equip Camouflage and a Suppressor/Flash Hider). The walls directly between Domination points A and C are climbable and are a good way of reaching a better vantage point; prone in the foliage here to catch unsuspecting enemies off guard. Also, use the low walls to your advantage as cover is everywhere. But remember that combat can become claustrophobic very quickly - camp for too long at your peril!

Weaponry - Machineguns are a safe bet with their high capacity, as are the Sub variety with their high rates of fire. But don't overlook the stopping power of the Rifles; just be sure to make those first shots count.

Search & Destroy - The defending team start on the high ground and right on top of A. It's best to spread out and take them all down before trying for a plant.


You're right, this is a confusingly incongruous, generic screenshot. What of it?

Dome is small map split between inside and outside areas with many points of entry between. Capturing the high ground can be a real tactical advantage with the right team behind you, but bear in mind that you could be stormed at any moment from either the ladder, stairs or bent girder, so have a point man covering each one, or, failing that, bring some Bouncing Betties to cover your tracks. If the opposition are putting up a good fight around Domination A, remember to use the derelict corridor in the south for effective flanking manoeuvres. We initially thought scaling the makeshift fort between Domination A and B would be a sound tactical manoeuvre, but the amount of times we were gunned down climbing up proved otherwise. And be careful not to fall in the gaping hole to the west - although falling down here will net you the 'Sayonara' Challenge if you haven't already got it.

Weaponry - Rifles are easily your best friends here. Bolt Action if you're a head shot king and standard if not. Just line up the sights.

Domination - On Dome a domination match is all about capturing point B. Once held any team worth their salt should be able to hold A and B or C and B with good communication and team work. Drawing a line of sight on B is possible from many corners of Dome.

Medium Maps:


Asylum is best summed up as an intense corridor map with a few open areas, and it's also quite reminiscent of Vacant from Modern Warfare. Often the action will take place inside the central building, so use the quieter eastern and western open areas to hunt out the opposition more safely. Also, if timed correctly, the mound of rubble in the central area makes a good jumping pad for reaching the western balcony - bypassing any entrenched battles often taking place in the area between Domination points A and C. The stairs between C and B is another good area to rack up kills; just make sure you have an exit plan once the grenades start flying. Players will often camp on Asylum just waiting to shoot you in the back. Play it safe by flushing out any room you suspect with a cooked Frag Grenade.

Weaponry - Often overlooked, the Trench Gun can be an effective weapon on a map like Asylum, so long as you stick to the small rooms and narrow corridors. But if you really want to get up close and personal, attach a Bayonet for a taste of true close combat sadism.

Team Deathmatch - Asylum is one of our favourite maps and host to many a memorable fire-fight. Walking idly around point B is often suicide, however, so check to make sure you have all the angles covered. The long corridor to the north from A is an excellent place to snipe should you have the patience and skill to wield a PTRS-41 effectively.