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Call of Duty: Warzone gets much needed new weapons

Including the dreaded 725 shotgun.

Call of Duty: Warzone gets four new weapons as part of a big update set for tonight.

The four weapons are the 725 shotgun, the MK2 Carbine marksman rifle, the .50 GS handgun, and the EBR-14 marksman rifle.

The addition of the 725 is perhaps the highlight here. This was Modern Warfare's infamous "shotgun sniper" that plagued competitive multiplayer when Infinity Ward's shooter launched in 2019. It's since been nerfed, but it's still the best shotgun in the game, and powerful in the right situations.

These four weapons will be available to find out in the world of Warzone in both common and uncommon rarities, Activision said in a blog post. Warzone is an excellent battle royale and I've had a blast playing it, but it has an issue with weapon variety in that there aren't that many different types of weapons to find. (This is one of the reasons pulling your multiplayer loadouts into the world from the shop is such a popular option.) More weapons should help alleviate this issue.

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Meanwhile, a new operator is incoming. Talon joins the Coalition side of the game alongside his dog, Indiana. Indiana comes in to fight when you do Talon's finishing move. To get Talon and the finishing move, you have to buy Talon's bundle with COD Points. This bundle also includes two legendary weapon blueprints and two tier skips.

In Modern Warfare, multiplayer gets a new map called Khandor Hideout. It's a medium-sized map that's good for 6v6 play, with long sight lines and interior spaces. There's a large, centrally located warehouse for CQB.

All the new content hits the game at 11pm Pacific Time tonight, or early tomorrow morning UK time.