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Buy Dragon Age II, get ME2 free

BioWare says thanks for 1 million sales.

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Any gamer who buys – or has already bought – Dragon Age II can claim a free PC download of Mass Effect 2, developer BioWare has announced.

As detailed on the game's official site, the offer is a thank you for helping the RPG sequel pass the one million sales mark in less than two weeks – a faster pace than predecessor Dragon Age: Origins managed.

To qualify, you'll need to grab the title before 30th April. Once you boot the game up, activate the Online Pass content that came with it and log in using your EA Account. Then head on over to the dedicated BioWare site and, again, log in with your EA Account.

Enter your Online Pass code, hit submit, and you should then be given a Mass Effect 2 download code, redeemable via the EA Download Manager.

The BioWare site also offers instructions for those who've bought the game but lost their Online Pass info, and for those who've picked up a used copy.

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