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Burning Crusade sells 3.5 million

In the first month on sale.

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade sold 3.5 million units in its first month on sale, Blizzard has announced.

European gamers snaffled up more than 1.6 million of those, America over 1.9 million, and Australasia topped 100,000. The game launched in Korea on 12th February, and is currently being translated for Chinese regions.

The figures smashed previous records for PC game sales, and have helped push the subscriber population of the game over 8.5 million.

"We're thrilled about the overwhelming response that we've received for The Burning Crusade," said Mike Morhaime, president of Blizzard Entertainment. "We have worked hard to build upon nearly every aspect of World of Warcraft with this expansion, and it's gratifying to see that players and reviewers are enjoying the new content."

The news coincides with the release of a new patch for the game, v2.0.10, which fixes numerous class skills and talents introduced by the expansion. It also fiddles with the price of arena PvP rewards, by adjusting the amount of points needed for specific items. There's the normal barrage of bits and bobs that have been tweaked, and you can quest to the furthest reaches of the Internet for more information.

Blizzard has also recently released a beta-test for the new searchable database service, The Armory. Here you can check out information taken from live servers, and find out in-depth information about other characters, arena teams and guilds. Head over to the website for a closer look.

The Burning Crusade is the first expansion pack for Blizzard's online adventure World of Warcraft. It increased the level cap to 70, added two new races, a new profession, flying mounts, plus scores of new equipment and quests. You can see what we made of it all elsewhere on the site.

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