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Brutal yet vibrant FPS Polygod hits Switch and Xbox next month

Quake before its difficulty curve.

Demented if spiritual arcade FPS Polygod will launch for Switch and Xbox One on 17th August 2018, developer Krafted Games has announced. If you're in the market for "hundreds of hours" of throwback blasting, with co-op and PvP multiplayer waiting in the wings, this may be of interest.

My eye was drawn to Polygod partly for its resemblance to Jumping Flash - there's something of the pioneering PS1 hit in the use of textureless colours and levels that resemble dinky floating toyboxes, held together by invisible string. But that's before you consider the "brutal" difficulty curve, or the use of procedural generation, or the "Quake-esque" shooting, or the ability to trade the souls of the slain for stackable "blessings" such as helicopter boots or lifesteal. Also in the offing: bosses and weapon customisation. Oh, and your character only has one arm, so I imagine dual-wielding is off the menu.

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The game has been warmly received on Steam Early Access, and the clean, bright aesthetic looks just the right fit for the Switch's homely screen. The Switch version lacks PvP multiplayer, but does benefit from exclusive gyroscopic controls, though I'm not sure you'd want to play something this nimble using gestures. The mind may be willing, but e.g. the wrist muscles may prove weak.

It'll cost £16.19, $14.99 or €16.59.