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FPS roguelike Polygod is free for those with certain The Binding of Isaac achievements

Otherwise available for £6.29 on Steam Early Access.

First-person roguelike Polygod entered Steam Early Access today with a unique marketing twist: those with specific The Binding of Isaac achievements will receive a free code for the game, which developer Amplify Games believes will appeal to the same audience.

"I really loved The Binding of Isaac and I think Polygod will resonate well with players that also really enjoyed The Binding of Isaac," said Amplify Games co-founder Dominic Obojkovits. "Because of this, I want to reward the most dedicated players with a copy of Polygod."

As for Polygod itself, it's an abstract shooter set in randomly generated maps, each filled with five unique enemy types and concluded with a boss fight.

Unlike other FPS roguelikes like Strafe, Polygod's main draw is its complex weapon system as players will discover 56 "unique blessings" that add different properties to your attacks. You can see some of these different combinations in Polygod's Early Access trailer below:

In order to claim an Early Access code for Polygod, players will have had to have completed one of the following achievements in The Binding of Isaac, then send a message to Steam account Atomicdomb from the Steam account that unlocked the achievement.

  • Hard Game
  • Eternal Satan
  • Eternal Cain
  • Eternal Isaac
  • Eternal ???
  • Eternal Maggy
  • Eternal Eve
  • Eternal Samson
  • Eternal Judas
  • Eternal God
  • Eternal Personalities

Should you not have any of these, Polygod is currently going for £6.29 on Steam Early Access.

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