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Bounties back in Call of Duty: Warzone just a day after Infinity Ward pulled them

Bad intel.

Infinity Ward has reversed its controversial decision to pull bounties from Call of Duty: Warzone in favour of a new contract after a backlash from fans.

On Wednesday, Warzone received the Most Wanted contract, a high risk high reward pick-up that marked you for all other teams on the map. Survive for five minutes, and not only would you get a pot of cash, but redeployment for your entire squad.

However, players quickly found that the Most Wanted contract had replaced bounties - a change Infinity Ward failed to announce for some reason. This change did not go down well among Warzone's most prominent players, with many wondering why it could not have been added to the game without the removal of existing bounties.

Warzone's optional bounties give players a chance to earn extra money and experience points for hunting down and killing other players who are marked on the map, and thus encourage players to get out and about in the game world, rather than camping. With the arrival of the Most Wanted contract, bounties were pulled. And given just how risky Most Wanted was, it was felt the switch slowed the pace of Warzone down.

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Then, last night, 30th April, Infinity Ward dropped a surprise playlist update that removed the Most Wanted contract from Warzone and added bounties back in. It amounted to a complete U-turn on one of the big new features Infinity Ward added to Warzone with this week's mammoth update - and it came just 24 hours later.

Still, the reversal has been welcomed by the Warzone community. The Most Wanted contract is an interesting - and potentially game changing mechanic. Hopefully Infinity Ward can work out a way to add it to the game without pulling the existing bounties.