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Bomberman Land for Wii, PSP

And DS gets a sequel.

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Hudson has exploded plans to bring the Bomberman Land series to Wii and PSP, alongside a second Land Touch! game for DS.

Bomberman Land is what happens when suits look for a new direction in a franchise, sharpening pencils around an oversized conference desk as they eventually decide to introduce RPG elements to the mix.

The result is an island hub you have to wander around completing quests and besting mini-games on, all in the name of restoring tranquillity to the world of Bomberman. Yes, sounds very placid.

But thankfully under all of this you can still find the classic Bomberman experience, or Battle Pack Mode as it's called. While online bomb-throwing seems to be buried under debris somewhere, you will be able to blow up your friends locally using one cartridge on DS or PSP - or gather around a Wii console with a handful of chums.

"Gamers are going to be blown away by the sheer amount of content they get in the Bomberman Land series," punned John Greiner, big boss at Hudson.

"Each version of the perspective Bomberman Land title is different, with unique mini-games, Story Mode, and features. With the success of Bomberman Live on XBLA, we knew we had to up the bar for the brand, and we believe this series truly is triple the fun."

Bomberman Land Touch! was released earlier this year on DS to three-quarter smiles. But unfortunately the new bits do nothing but detract from what continues to be one of the best multiplayer offerings around.

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