Bomberman Land Touch!

Bomberman Land Touch!

Bomberman Land Touch!

Shame reaction.

Poor old Bomberman. No matter how hard he tries, nothing's good enough. "JUST LOOK AT YOU," bellows Mrs. Hudson, as he stands shame-faced in the doorway. "Millions of sales? You're just a party game. Mrs. Square round the way has RPGs and all sorts. She even has a 'chocolate bow chicken' and he's more popular than you. Dennis? Come downstairs and tell Bomberman about Mrs. Square's chocolate bow chicken." "Aye - very popular." "YOU'RE NO SON OF MINE."

And so - after more than a decade of getting it wrong - the poor little fellow persists in throwing himself across the path of any genre that can't get out of the way in time. He's been a kart racing game, an RPG, and now he's a tedious collection of crap mini-games pretending to be an isometric adventure. All the while the actual Bomberman bit - the brilliantly hectic game of trying to fool your friends into the path of massive explosions while they do the same to you - is strapped on as insurance, just in case his latest attempt to break away from the shame of mere brilliance isn't enough. Why not invest in the bit that's already good?

Whatever the reason, turning on Bomberman Land Touch! inevitably presents you with a choice: "Story Mode" or "Bomberman Battle Pack". Story Mode, then, starts off on a boat, where apparently you've been deposited somewhat against your will. It's as if they know.

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