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Bloodborne - Brador fight, Bloodied Arm Bands, lantern trap, Beast Hide Garb

How to survive the Brador fight in Bloodborne's DLC.

This article explains how to survive the Brador fight in Bloodborne: The New Hunters.

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Once you reach the lighthouse again, follow the path to the right, returning to the ramp on the other side of the broken fence. Walk down the plank and, at the bottom, follow the roof around to the left. You'll immediately hear the sound of a tolling bell. Carefully make your way across the wobbly wooden bridge ahead and prepare for an encounter with Brador.

Brador, as you might remember, is the man ringing the silent bell back in the underground cell. Once you enter the Fishing Hamlet for the first time, Brador gains new dialogue, warning you to fear the bell's toll, and explaining that the church's assassin's are never far behind.

This invasion, then, is the first of several assassination attempts by Brador - you'll encounter a total of three invaders in the Fishing Hamlet and another outside Brador's cell. Each invader drops a piece of the Brador Set armour when killed. If you don't fancy dealing with the invaders, however, you can return to the underground cell, enter Brador's room and kill him. This prevents the invaders from spawning - and the four pieces of the Brador Set will appear at their spawn points instead. Note that the invaders will continually re-spawn while Brador is still alive.

Survive the encounter with Brador

Once you encounter the first invader on the bridge, quickly backtrack to the roof behind you - the extra space will make the fight a little more forgiving. Remain wary of Brador, however: his attacks, while slow, have a surprisingly long reach and can do a significant amount of damage. He's also able to string together some incredibly long combo moves with his large, mace-like weapon.

To defeat Brador, you'll need to dodge around to his side or rear - he's virtually impossible to injure from the front. The good news is that Brador isn't a particularly resilient opponent and will go down in a couple of blows. Better still, whenever his weapon switches to spiky form, it will drain his health. Once the invader is down, you'll receive the Bloodied Arm Bands.

When it's safe to continue, cross over the wobbly bridge onto the roof opposite. Note the ladder leading down to the left then locate the ramp heading up to the right. Just behind the ramp, on your current level, you'll see a hooded, staff-carrying figure with its back to you. These creatures can summon lightning, causing it to strike you spot. Needless to say, you should kill it quickly.

Next, descend the ladder to the left and, at the bottom, enter the hut through the nearby door. Inside, take a right and eliminate the fish-man with his back to you. Pass through the doorway ahead then turn right, crossing over the next walkway. Once you reach the roof opposite, another spear-wielding creature will attack from the right. Finish him off then climb the slope, dealing with the shrouded staff carrier up ahead.

Make your way forward, moving across the next walkway, then enter the large building at the end. A Scurrying Beast will immediately race across the room and drop down through the hole in the floor. As tempted as you might be give chase, be aware that the creature lands inside a ring of glowing lanterns - which the fish-man below will ignite if you follow. As such, make sure that your armour has decent fire resistance before dropping through the hole.

If you do drop down, immediately dodge away from the explosion to reduce the damage you take. Next, eliminate the creature nearby then grab the Blood Stone Chunks from the Scurrying Beast. Finally, locate the path behind the dead fish man and grab the Blood Stone Chunk at the end.

Note that you can simply pass through the gap in the wall to the right of the hole if you're not ready to face the boobytrap below. Outside, take a right then pause at the top of the ladder.

Whichever path you choose, look down into the water and you'll see a huge number of fish-dogs and fish-men loitering below. There are lanterns dotted around the area so consider tossing an Oil Urn at them (or failing that, a molotov cocktail) to do some preliminary damage. Next, leap into the water (or descend the ladder) to join the fray, dodging and attacking until the creatures are dead.

When you're ready to continue, locate the ladder leading back to the upper level and stand with your back to it. Walk directly forward and enter the next building through the door on your left. Inside, deal with the fish creatures lurking in the shadows and grab the Blood Stone Chunks from the two corpses positioned in different corners of the room.

Next, head back outside, using the door on the wall opposite the one you entered through. Stop immediately on the other side; there's a sheer drop into the bottomless depths a short way ahead - and eagle-eyed players will notice that the city of Yharnam stretches away beneath the waves. Take a left, passing under the walkway, and follow the long path to the end. Climb the steps to the right, grab the Blood Vial at the top then about-face and head back down.

At the bottom of the steps, approach the tall foundation pillars directly ahead and start walking counterclockwise around the building. As you pass under the walkway again, turn left into the gap between the pillars. Continue forward, take a left then climb the steps.

At the top, turn left and grab the Kin Coldblood (10) from the back of the room. As you do, you'll hear a bell begin to chime. Descend the steps again and prepare for Brador's second attack. Once he materialises directly ahead, back up the staircase and enter the room above - giving you a little more space to fight. Vanquish the invader to receive the Beast Hide Garb.

With all that taken care of, retrace your steps; pass the boobytrapped hole from earlier, cross the walkways, enter the building and climb the ladder at the other end. At the top of the ladder, come to a halt near the ramp, ready for the next leg of your journey.

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