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Bloodborne - behind the lighthouse, caves, Snail Kin

How to survive behind the lighthouse in Bloodborne's DLC.

This article explains how to survive behind the lighthouse in Bloodborne: The New Hunters.

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Back on the roof, climb the ramp and enter the building at the top. Inside, you'll find a tangle of walkways above a long drop, so you'll need to watch your footing as you proceed. Immediately take a left and approach the long narrow walkway to the right. As the fish-man leaps in to attack, dodge back toward the doorway (where there's more room to manoeuvre) and eliminate him.

Next, locate the large platform on the other side of the gap directly opposite the doorway you entered through. To reach it, press yourself against the wall to the right, drop down off the ledge and slowly move across the narrow walkway. Immediately take care of the fish creature and grab the Oil Urn from the corpse nearby.

When you're ready to proceed, head up the wide wooden ramp to the left of the corpse. Move down the slope ahead then cross the wide walkway to the left. You'll spot another lightning summoner patrolling the area ahead so quickly run over and bring him down.

Take a right at the end of the walkway and follow the wall on the left around until you reach the covered shack to the left. Note the long narrow plank to the right then duck into the shack. Eliminate the fish-man lurking inside then grab the Blood Vials from the corpse in the corner.

Next, step out of the hut and face the long, narrow plank you spotted earlier. It's too dangerous to cross here, given the creatures swarming at the end, so look left and you'll see another, wider walkway running across the chasm. Four fish-men and two lightning summoners lurk on the other side. Quickly dash over, take out the lightning summoners then polish off the remaining threats.

Light the Lighthouse Hut lamp and make a shortcut

Approach the green light on the back wall and look left. Note the ladder on the edge of the platform then glance right. Here, you'll find a ramp leading down to the group of creatures you spotted earlier. Before continuing, retrace your steps over the wide walkway and take a right. Open the door at the end of the path and step outside. Collect the Kin Coldblood (10) from the corpse by the fence to the left then scale the incline to the right. Immediately at the top, to the left, you'll spy the Lighthouse Hut lamp on the other side of the broken wall. Another shortcut!

Retrace your steps, heading back into the cave, and cross over the wide walkway again. Feel free to eliminate the creatures down the ramp to the right (although don't expect any worthwhile reward), then descend the ladder to the left. At the bottom, follow the path along then take a right onto the narrow walkway.

Immediately to the right, in the writhing mass below, you'll see another item-carrying corpse. Drop down, collect the Blood Stone Chunk then follow the walkway along until you reach the small ramp to the left. Note that you'll need to contend with the humanoid creatures that crawl from the large shells as you go. They can hit pretty hard with their arms, but shouldn't take more than a few hits to destroy. Climb the ramp to reach the walkway again.

Kill the snail-like creatures

There's another ramp leading down directly opposite with another glowing item further ahead in the mess of eels and shells. Run down the ramp, dodging the snail creatures as you go, then grab the Odd Arcane Damp Blood Gem (6). Quickly about-face and dash back up the ramp onto the walkway again, dealing with the snails if you so choose.

At the top of the ramp, slip down to other side again and, this time, make your way toward the glowing item directly ahead. Eliminate the snail you encounter nearby, collect the Twin Blood Stone Shards from the corpse then hop up the tiny ramp to the left. Be ready for another fight as you drop down on the other side: the snail creatures will immediately strike, almost certainly attempting to grab you and squeeze you to death. Sidestep the attack then eliminate the snails as usual.

Next, locate the cave entrance bathed in green directly ahead and work your way toward it. As you near, another snail creature will emerge. This one, however, will prise itself away from its shell, flying across the arena. Out of their shells, these creatures hit hard and are extremely agile, able to lunge through the air toward you. Thankfully, the snail is also pretty weak, so deal with it swiftly.

Before entering the cave, locate the gap in the fence to the right and step on through. On the other side, follow the path forward and collect the Blood Stone Chunk from the corpse at the end.

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