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Bloodborne - Harrowed Set, Lighthouse Hut lamp, Simon’s Bowblade, Inner Chamber Key

How to get the Inner Chamber Key in Bloodborne's DLC.

This article explains how to get the Inner Chamber Key in Bloodborne: The New Hunters.

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Once the shortcut ladder has been lowered, look left and locate the hole in the thatched roof nearby. Step on through the hole and take a left inside. Follow the wall along, cross over the walkway and enter the next building ahead. As you do, a fish-man will drop from above - quickly take him out then deal with the creature hacking away to the right.

When the second fish-man is dead, grab the object he was striking to acquire the Harrowed armour set. Next, descend the staircase to the left and grab the Blood Stone Chunk at the end. Drop down to the ground and grab the Tempering Damp Blood Gem (6) from the corner of the room. Take a right, pass through the doorway and immediately deal with the fish-man standing outside. From here, turn right, drop off the walkway and turn left.

Up ahead, you'll spot the large village square once more. March straight passed the well and approach the building where you encountered the fire-lobbing fish-man earlier. Locate the long path immediately to the left of the building and start walking along it. As you near the fish-man ahead, he'll begin throwing spears. Sprint toward the creature, side-stepping the spears as you go and, once you're within arms reach, bring the fish-man down.

Continue along the road as it bends to the left. Once the path widens out, you'll be ambushed from the left by a small scampering fish-dog. Eliminate it quickly (watching out for its howl attack, which can stun you momentarily) then pick off the remaining enemies in the area - most of which are congregated to the left.

When it's safe to proceed, follow the path to the left, working your way along the abandoned hovel. A little further ahead, the path splits to the left and right, and a spear-tossing fish-man stands at the junction. In a moment, you'll need to dash up the right-hand path, racing toward the lighthouse at the top as quickly as possible. Don't move just yet though! First, note that there's a skull-spewing figure lurking on the high rock directly behind the fish-man, and another giant shark creature hiding along the path to the right - both of which can prove deadly if they catch you by surprise.

Once you're ready to move, race up the right-hand path. As you near the lighthouse, follow the track around to the right. At the end of the path, you'll spot a gap in the railing that runs along the cliff edge. Slip through the gap and dash to the bottom of the ramp. Wait here for a moment - shortly, the shark creature you disturbed will give up its pursuit and return to its starting position.

When it's safe to proceed, head back up the ramp and walk around the lighthouse, keeping the wall close to your right. Step onto the small stone ledge and continue forward. Once you locate the door leading into the shack on the right, make your way inside. You'll immediately spot a lamp ahead so light it to add the Lighthouse Hut to your list of fast-travel locations.

Next, approach the man on the floor, to the left of the door you just entered through. Speak with him to learn about the beast-hide assassin. Talk to him again and he'll beg you to destroy the secret of the village, putting an end to the Hunter's Nightmare. Once he falls silent, you'll receive Simon's Bowblade and the Underground Cell Inner Chamber Key. You can use the latter to open the door to Brador's cell, back beneath the Research Hall. Next, use the lamp to visit the Hunter's Dream. Spend any Blood Echoes you've accrued then return to the Lighthouse Hut.

Leave the shack via the main entrance, descend the steps and make your way toward the skull-spewing figure you ran passed earlier. You'll find him sat to the right, back along the path. Thankfully, you won't need to worry about the giant shark this time. When entering the area from the Lighthouse Hut lamp, the creature will wander away, moving much further along the path. As you near the seated figure, dodge under the skulls and destroy it with a few quick blows.

Once the hooded figure is dead, drop off the ledge to the right and grab the Great One's Wisdom from the corpse on the ground. Next, turn to face the rickety shack nearby. You'll spot a small path on its right-hand side, running alongside the rock. This passage provides a shark-free shortcut back to the village square and the well if you ever need one. Next, approach the shack and move clockwise around it. Pass between the two buildings and, at the end of the alley, look right. Grab the Blood Stone Chunk from the corpse then, finally, return to the Lighthouse Hut.

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