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Blizzard: StarCraft MMO would be difficult

Pearce pours cold water on speculation.

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Speaking at the Leipzig Games Convention, Blizzard co-founder Frank Pearce distanced himself from speculation that the company is working on a StarCraft MMO, calling such a prospect "difficult", "overwhelming" and "scary".

"We've made it very difficult for ourselves and it's an overwhelming thought," Pearce told

"I've been there at Blizzard since we started on World of Warcraft and it's been a very long and arduous journey. And to think about taking that journey again with the StarCraft franchise is a little scary."

Blizzard is known to be working on a "next-gen MMO", and rumours have persisted since before World of Warcraft was released that the company would attempt the same feat with its StarCraft science-fiction universe.

But Pearce's comments suggest that Blizzard isn't looking to repeat the WOW formula with its next MMO game, due to the work involved.

"And so to look at StarCraft and say, well we could make an MMO out of that," Pearce continued, "Well yeah, but how many years would we have to invest in it to create the quantity of content and the quality of experience that would be required to meet just the minimum standard that's set by the games that are out there right now?"

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