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Blizzard mentions offline play for Diablo 3 on PlayStation

Zoomed out co-op screen, new evade move.

Diablo 3 on PC/Mac required an internet connection to play. But it doesn't sound like Diablo 3 on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 will.

"You can have four people on the same screen - no split-screen, we just zoom the camera out. Or if you're offline..." Sony's John Hight trailed off, interrupted by GameTrailers host Geoff Keighley in a post-PlayStation Meeting interview (via BlizzPlanetGaming).

The suggestion seemed to be that you could play four-player same-screen co-op offline with friends.

Keighley was expressing his surprise at the new evade system Hight mentioned for Diablo 3 on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Hight didn't go into too much detail but suggested that it will allow you to hop out of the way enemies.

The always online requirement of Diablo 3 on PC/Mac helped preserve the integrity of the Auction House and, more importantly, the Real-Money Auction House. Whether either will exist PlayStation isn't known.

Hight was on the couch with Blizzard creative director Chris Metzen. He mentioned that the paper dolls of Diablo 3 on PC/Mac will disappear on PS3/PS4 in place of a 3D model that changes depending on the items equipped.

Hight said Diablo 3 was "much further along" on PS3 than it was on PS4. He mentioned that the team had only just seen the DualShock 4 controller, but that there were some "thoughts" about how the touchpad could be used for Diablo 3.

Diablo 3 on PS3/PS4 will have all the updates present on PC, including PVP brawling. There's no specific word on when the console version will launch.

The new inventory on PlayStation 3/4.

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