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Bladestorm: Nightmare release date pushed back a few weeks

PC version, demo confirmed.

Bladestorm: Nightmare, Koei Tecmo's follow-up to Bladestorm: the Hundred Years' War, has been pushed back to 20th March 2015. It had been due out in Europe on 6th March.

Bladestorm: Nightmare is due out for PlayStation 4, PS3 and Xbox One on 20th March. Koei Tecmo confirmed a PC version, via Steam, is also in the works, although it won't be released until May.

A demo us due out early March for PS4, PS3 and Xbox One.

Koei Tecmo describes Bladestorm as an "historical Troop Command Action" game. You play a mercenary that chooses to fight for either England or France in missions inspired by real events and battles from the Hundred Years War (1377-1453).

The game includes a Nightmare mode, which features a fictional scenario in which the English and the French join forces to fight an army of dragons, giants and demons led by an evil Joan of Arc. Because video games.

Bladestorm is the work of Dynasty Warriors developer Omega Force, which has been busy in recent months working on Hyrule Warriors for Wii U and Dragon Quest Heroes for Square Enix.

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