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Blacklight 2 announced, goes free-to-play

Futuristic sequel for digital shooter.

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There's a sequel to 2010 downloadable shooter Blacklight: Tango Down on the way and it will be free-to-play, developer Zombie Studios has announced.

Unlike the original, which was more traditionally delivered on PC, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade, you won't have to pay for the core game. Instead, the developer hopes to get into your wallet via cosmetic and premium items available for purchase in-game.

Project lead Jared Gerritzen explained "Zombie has decided to move the game to a F2P model to break in to a market that is huge in Asia and growing in the USA and Europe.

"With this model we can close the gap between community and player feedback and further development and of the game. With Blacklight 2 we plan to develop a strong and vibrant community where players will be instrumental in shaping the future development and direction of the title."

Gameplay details are scarce at this stage but Gerritzen revealed that game will not simply be an F2P re-release of the original.

"It will have new maps, new weapons (as well as some old), new characters, and brand new systems based off of feedback from fans and press reviews," he revealed.

"The game offers a far deeper level of customization than previously found in Blacklight: Tango Down through the character customization system. Character customisation will be treated the same as our weapon customisation, allowing players to develop their own unique look and combat experience."

The sequel will also boast a more futuristic bent than the original game, featuring mechanised combat suits. Take a look at the first screen from the game below for a better idea of where the franchise is heading.

Zombie Studios is yet to confirm a release window or whether the sequel will be PC-only.

Eurogamer's Dan Whitehead was relatively unimpressed by its predecessor Blacklight: Tango Down, scoring it just 5/10. However, that may have been down to the lack of free massages offered by Zombie Studios pre-release.

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