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Bizarre Pokémon, feudal Japan mash-up confirmed for US

Pokémon + Nobunaga's Ambition re-named Pokémon Conquest.

Feudal Japanese Pokémon spin-off Pokémon + Nobunaga's Ambition has been granted a US release under a new name: Pokémon Conquest.

Developed for the DS by Tecmo Koei, Conquest sees players take on the role of a young warlord in a kingdom full of Pokémon.

It's a crossover with the little-known Nobunga's Ambition series, a historical strategy RPG franchise existing since 1983 but virtually unheard of outside of Japan.

Set in a land inspired by the Japanese feudal era, players progress and battle with their Pokémon in up to six-on-six team-based brawls.

Conquest features over 200 of the titular critters for players to collect from all generations of the saga, including the most recent Black and White games.

There's been no word on a European release as yet. Nintendo told Eurogamer this afternoon it had "nothing to announce at this time" regarding the possibility.

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