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BioWare DLC codes do not expire

Bonus DAO, ME2 content is timeless.

EA's told Eurogamer that codes for bonus Dragon Age: Origins or Mass Effect 2 content do not expire and can be redeemed beyond what the leaflets inside the retail boxes say.

"EA BioWare has confirmed there is no expiry date on DLC codes," the publisher relayed to us.

Comment comes after eagle-eyed Eurogamer readers spotted a 30th April expiry date written in small letter on the back of the bonus DLC leaflet inside a Dragon Age: Origins retail box.

These 'bonus' codes are a part of the Project Ten Dollar initiative at EA, which aims to stamp out 'invisible' second-hand sales by offering first-hand buyers extra incentives.

Both Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect 2 provided extra armour, items and even in-game companions.