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BioShocky horror Close to the Sun attracts a publisher

A potential scorcher?

Ready for something BioShocky yet? Close to the Sun might be it.

It's a first-person horror game set in an alternate version of the late 19th century, aboard a scientifically advanced ship complex built by Nikola Tesla and segregated from the rest of the world. And would you believe it? Things have gone brutally, horribly wrong.

You play Rose, a young journalist looking for her sister, and like BioShock, you'll gradually uncover what went wrong. But unlike BioShock you won't have any weapons or powers. You'll be defenseless. The keys to your survival are running, hiding and quick thinking.

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Close to the Sun is made by Italian studio Storm in a Teacup, the team behind eye-catching ID@Xbox game Nero, and it was one of the games awarded an Unreal Dev Grant this year.

Small publisher Wired has picked up the game for release on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One next year.