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BioShock's iPhone/iPad port no longer available

UPDATE: 2K says it will be back in the "near future".

UPDATE 24/09/2015 9.36pm: 2K Games now says it's working on a fix and that the previous response was erroneous.

"2K recently provided inaccurate information to customers surrounding removal of BioShock for iOS from the App Store," the publisher said in an email to Eurogamer. "BioShock is currently incompatible with iOS versions 8.4 and higher, and as such, is temporarily removed for purchase from the App Store. 2K is fixing the compatibility issue, and when resolved, will place BioShock back on the App Store for purchase.

"Customers who already own BioShock may continue playing the game with iOS version 8.3 or earlier. 2K regrets the initial customer service error and looks forward to delivering an updated version of BioShock for iOS in the near future."

ORIGINAL STORY 24/09/2015 12.07pm: The iPhone and iPad port of classic console shooter BioShock is no longer available to download from the App Store.

BioShock iOS (iOShock?) has been completely delisted, meaning that even people who bought it previously can no longer grab it again.

The port, developed by 2K China, downgraded the game's graphics but retained many of its details and added new touchscreen controls.

Bioshock has actually been unplayable for some time for anyone who has upgraded their iOS version number beyond 8.4. 2K previously promised a patch for the game was in the works, but it now looks like this won't be coming.

A 2K support representative issued the following response to a fan (thanks, Touch Arcade).

"I understand you're having issues with Bioshock for mobile gaming. Unfortunately, you are correct we don't currently have this game for mobile gaming anymore, which I know can be frustrating. The removal of the game was a developer decision. This happens occasionally, but thankfully not often.

"I'm terrible sorry for this, if you purchased Bioshock for iOS and you would like a refund, Apple will be of great assistance. Since the transaction wasn't completed through us, we can not perform a full refund back to you. However you will be able to complete a refund with Apple. They will be able to do this for you.

"Again, I'm terrible sorry for this experience, but I hope that Apple can clear this up for you as soon as possible."

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